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The A List.

New Zealand’s fashion capital, Newmarket, is celebrating the end of New Zealand Fashion Festival on Saturday 26th March with a fabulous day of fashion – with FREE public shows!

Retailers from all over Newmarket will be coming together for this smart, hip event to showcase their winter collections, all available in store now.

Osborne Street will stop traffic with a long catwalk and models strutting their stuff to the latest sounds from around the globe. Fabulous clothes, stunning hair and makeup, a backdrop of great music, live screen action, general theatre on the street and in the Rialto Cinema, in store activities, high teas, bands, make-overs, discounts in store from various retailers……All making for a great days shopping and entertainment in Newmarket.

Check out the Runway Catwalk Video we have done!

Check out the Full Gallery below.

newmarket-catwalk-01 newmarket-catwalk-02 newmarket-catwalk-03 newmarket-catwalk-04 newmarket-catwalk-05 newmarket-catwalk-06 newmarket-catwalk-07 newmarket-catwalk-08 newmarket-catwalk-09 newmarket-catwalk-10 newmarket-catwalk-11 newmarket-catwalk-12 newmarket-catwalk-13 newmarket-catwalk-14 newmarket-catwalk-15 newmarket-catwalk-16 newmarket-catwalk-17 newmarket-catwalk-18 newmarket-catwalk-19 newmarket-catwalk-20 newmarket-catwalk-21 newmarket-catwalk-22 newmarket-catwalk-23 newmarket-catwalk-24 newmarket-catwalk-25 newmarket-catwalk-26 newmarket-catwalk-27 newmarket-catwalk-28 newmarket-catwalk-29 newmarket-catwalk-30 newmarket-catwalk-31 newmarket-catwalk-32 newmarket-catwalk-33 newmarket-catwalk-34 newmarket-catwalk-35 newmarket-catwalk-36 newmarket-catwalk-37 newmarket-catwalk-38 newmarket-catwalk-39 newmarket-catwalk-40 newmarket-catwalk-41 newmarket-catwalk-42 newmarket-catwalk-43 newmarket-catwalk-44 newmarket-catwalk-45 newmarket-catwalk-46 newmarket-catwalk-47 newmarket-catwalk-48 newmarket-catwalk-49 newmarket-catwalk-50 newmarket-catwalk-51 newmarket-catwalk-52 newmarket-catwalk-53 newmarket-catwalk-54 newmarket-catwalk-55 newmarket-catwalk-56 newmarket-catwalk-57 newmarket-catwalk-58 newmarket-catwalk-59 newmarket-catwalk-60 newmarket-catwalk-61 newmarket-catwalk-62 newmarket-catwalk-63

Cinematographer: ExpressioNZ Studio
Photographer: Andy Chui